About me!

Hello and welcome! I’m Nicole, also known as Nico I’m the owner/creator of Meowmikki. Meowmikki’s name originates from my family's dog Meeko. One of Meeko's many nicknames is “Mikki”. The “meow” in front of "Mikki" felt fitting due to my first ears being cat shaped. It all started in October 2020 when I was only 16 years old! I’m currently 19 and still living and creating art in New England.

I specialize in not only creating high-quality costume ears but also other accessories such as bows. I'm always continuing to find things that I enjoy making as I am a very creative person, although, my main focus will always be ears.

Frequently asked Questions

✧Why aren’t there any ear listings available? Why do you sell out so fast?

Since my items are 100% handmade there is a very limited quality that I am able to produce. I announce all product releases through Instagram in advance and because of this releases can sell out very quickly.

✧When will your next release be?

Because of my hectic schedule releases tend to be at different times each month. I try my best to come up with set dates and announce them on Instagram, although sometimes life can cause delays.

✧What is the quickest way to check out?

The fastest way to check out is via shop pay! You can download the app which stores all your information for future checkout.

✧What are your ears made of? Are they Vegan?

Yes, my ears are 100% vegan! I would never make any products that required the harm of any animal. All materials used are synthetic and ethically sourced.

✧Do you make customs?

I do occasionally open customs! Unfortunately, they are not open all the time and usually, there are limited spots. If you’d be interested in a custom please check my Instagram @Meowmikki to see if customs are available.

✧How are items priced?

All items are priced based on quality and time required to create. Ears will always be higher priced than other items as they can take up to a few weeks to complete.

✧Do you accept returns/refunds?

Due to the handmade/wearable nature of my work, I do not accept either. However, if there are any issues with your orders please contact me and I will find a way to assist you. If you plan on purchasing from me in the future please be certain that the product you’re choosing is 100% what you would like.

✧How can I contact you?

If you find that you need to contact me you can contact me through email Meowmikkiears@gmail.com or through Instagram @Meowmikki. Keep in mind that I am a full-time student who also works outside of Meowmikki, please give my responses up to 72 hours before sending another message. Please only reach out with business inquiries as personal/inappropriate inquiries will be ignored.

✧Can I be a promoter?

I am not currently looking for promoters, if I do choose to look for promoters in the future I will make a Google form for individuals to apply.

✧Are you looking for trades?

When I choose to trade with other artists I contact them privately, however, I am not looking to trade at this moment.

✧How do I care for my ears?

Since ears are a handmade product they must be taken care of. It is suggested that you routinely brush them as well as store them away from sunlight to prevent damage. DO NOT WASH your ears, this will 100% damage them. A LIGHT spritz of perfume occasionally to keep your ears smelling nice is okay but too much can cause damage.